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How It Works



Sign up for our rewards scheme by creating an account.



You'll start earning 5 points for every £1 spent, and this will increase as you level up through different tiers. You can find a full breakdown of the ways to earn points below.



You can unlock more varied discounts and additional benefits as you spend more, working your way through 4 levels of rewards tiers. The higher you go, the more points you'll receive for each £1 spent.



As you earn points, you'll be able to use them to redeem for discounts at different levels. Simply log in, find the reward you want, and exchange your points.

Tiers & Benefits

See what benefits are available as you progress through the tiers, and what spend is required to reach the next tier. Once signed in, you'll be able to see your progress so far.

Earn Points

You can earn points through a variety of actions, from ordering products to following our socials and referring friends. Plus, every year you'll get a birthday points bonus, increasing with each tier.


What do points do?

Points give you access to discounts, benefits and rewards when shopping with Internet Made.

How do I earn points?

Sign up to the Internet Made Rewards Programme and start earning points with every order. As you move through different tiers, you’ll unlock more benefits and earn more points per £1 spent. You can also earn points for other actions - check the rewards page for the full list.

How do I spend points?

Login to your rewards account, and on the rewards page you’ll see a variety of different rewards you can redeem with your points, from £5 off to £50 off if you have the points! Once you chose the option you’d like, you’ll receive a voucher code that you can enter at checkout to claim your reward. 

Can I use multiple discounts or combine offers?

No, only one discount can be applied at a time.

I bought something, why aren’t my points showing yet?

Points will show different statuses depending on how they are earned. Through purchases, points will be confirmed 30 days after the purchase, and the points will be cancelled if the order is refunded. They will show as “pending” until this time passes, and then will either show as “approved” or “cancelled” depending on whether the item is kept or returned.

What happens if I refund an order that I used loyalty points to purchase?

If an item is purchased with loyalty points, these will be refunded if you return the order. If you bought multiple items, the points will be distributed across the order and points will be refunded according to what item or items were returned.

Can I leave the rewards programme?

If you want to stop earning points, please contact the support team over email and we will remove you from the rewards scheme. You will lose any points, and whilst you can be re-added later on, you will not regain any lost points.

How do tiers work?

As you spend more, you can move up into new tiers that unlock more benefits. Your tiers are based on your spend over the previous 12 months, and once you move up to a new tier you will stay there for 12 months before it is reviewed again. Your spend over the previous 12 months will then dictate which tier you move into, or if you stay in the same tier again.


Refer a Friend



Get a unique code to share with a friend, and both of you benefit. You'll get 1000 points, and your friend will get a discount on their first order. You can invite as many people as you like, and keep banking bonus points.

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